After being in Ecuador for many years and ministering to the people in Santo Domingo, we discovered that one of the main problems that these people face is that there is very little job opportunities for them due to the lack of education. Training is offered to provide skills and give people the right tools to be able to start their own business and thereby provide for their families. To be part of the micro business program each individual must complete 40 classes which consists of; marketing, budgeting and having Christian values to run a successful business.  As of now we have 12 individuals working together to selling clothes to raise enough money for each one of them to start their own micro business. The idea is to help each other out in the beginning of each business.    

Here are some of the responses of the participants when asked…

 “Why do you want your own business?” 

   Even though my husband and I already have our own business we both want to be more equipped on how to be successful so we will be able to have more income for our family. I also want to open up my own business besides the one we have so I can help out with our family’s needs. My desire is to show that I can complete and reach my goals and to be able to help our children with their education. Also one of our goals is to buy our own property and have our own home.  I’m learning a lot on how to work within a team and I love it! 

 -  Cecilia and Carlos (husband)   

  I want to be an example to my grown children, my granddaughter (who lives with me) and my teenage son, that you can reach your dreams! Since I don’t have an education and I have to take care of my elderly mom it is very hard for me to work full time. I would love to have a micro business to be able to help my family with our basic needs.


 The purpose for me is to be able to provide for my three children so they will be able to study and have the basic things in life. Also for them to be able to go to college and to be able to become what they want in the future. It is very important for me to learn about how to have a micro business and put what I have learned into practice.


 My wife and I would like to start our own micro business so we can provide for our 5 children in their studies and future. Our goal is to also buy land and build a house for us to call our own. With the help of God we can reach our goals!

 -Horacio and Jessenia (wife) 

  My desire is to have my own business to be able to help my children with work as well. Also I want to continue with my walk with Christ and be able to have my own hours so I will be able to participate in church activities. 


 I need to work to be able to help provide for my family and for my medical costs (I’m a diabetic). Since I am older and not educated it is hard to find work outside the home so I want to own something of my own.


 I want to be able to help my husband with supporting our family. To be able to help with our children’s studies and future, so they can be successful. Thanks to God for this opportunity and for all the blessings He gives me daily!


  I want my family to have a better future and that my children will be able to get a good education. Also I would like for us to be able to own house. 


My desire it to have my own business, to be independent and be able to provide for our families future. We want our daughter to be able to receive an education and be able to have a professional job when she gets older. With the help of God we know that this is possible! 

-Erika and Juan Carlos (husband)  

 I would like to start my own business to be able to help my husband with expenses. Since my husband had 9 accidents with his past jobs (he worked on busses) he is unable to find a steady job and I have medical expenses as well. Thanks to God that I am able to be part of this program!